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<a href='' target='_blank'>Isee #28 (28.02.2005) BETA 11</a> (116,896 bytes)
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Код: выделить все
[+] ISee & status iconpacks were added to archive. Thanx to Angeli-Ka!
[*] changeinfo now TLV based (all info is updated via single packet)
[+] ability to set own interests, past background, affiliation, origin & etc
[*] warning added: ZIP/postcodes can not be deleted once applied...
[-] categories were parsed incorrect in advanced search
[-] age & gender were incorrect in non advanced search results
[*] ability to use "old" search mode. returns different results in some cases
[-] not all info was shown in 'background' page (workaround for miranda bug)
[*] 'System up since' field was removed from userinfo page
[+] keep all user info in 'ICQ' tab but gray outdated items (fixed)
[+] show own idle time in self user info
[+] some Flags are shown in userinfo\ICQ page - WebAware, Auth, UTF, RTF, MTN
[-] webaware & auth settings were not saved on server & were not retrieved
[+] show real status, logon & idle times after receiving msg from hidden user
[+] IM2, QIP 2005 & some spam bots detection.
[-] it was not possible to send files to IM2 (and probably to some other clients)
[-] 'Trillian v3' detection fixed, workaround for sending unicode to it
[-] autodecode of recieved sms from UTF-8 is off by default again
[!] DB value 'UTF8DecodeMode' is now called 'UnicodeDecodeMode' & its state is reversed
[+] ability to recieve & decode plain UCS-2 offline msgs ((BYTE)UnicodeDecodeMode + 16)
[+] ability to send UTF-8 offline msgs. ((BYTE)UnicodeSend + 16)
[!] auto fallback in local list mode when server's side list is unavaliable
[*] allow offline msgs to be 3 days behind last even
[-] other bugfixes & code changes
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