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Last Changes:
31.05.05 Release Total Commander 6.53
31.05.05 Fixed: Unicode search not working on Windows 9x/ME
31.05.05 Fixed: Corrections to help file and keyboard.txt
31.05.05 Fixed: Delete temp dir when re-packing archive to packer plugin archive (only if the archiver deleted the files in it)
29.05.05 Fixed: Win9x only: some media files not playing with F3 when name longer than 97 characters (bug in media player window)
27.05.05 Fixed: Watchdirs=32 option: Free space in other panel was not updated if showing same disk, but other directory
25.05.05 Release Total Commander 6.53 RC 1
25.05.05 Fixed: Executing command like "notepad.exe" on the command line (including the double quotes) passed invalid parameters to the launched program
25.05.05 Added: Two new WatchDirs options: 16: Update footer (total file sizes), 32: Update header (free disk space). May slow down operation, so enable only if really necessary.
25.05.05 Fixed: Content plugins: Support field of type FullText also before other variables (TC reports plugin interface version 1.5 or later)
25.05.05 Fixed: Alt+F9 unpack: When using external unrar, setting option "unpack to separate dirs" and leaving path field empty, the files may be unpacked to the target instead of the source path
25.05.05 Fixed: Increased limit of packer plugins (extension list can now take 1 kbyte instead of 512 bytes)
24.05.05 Fixed: Trying to access a server with cd server in the command line where the server has no guest account causes connect dialog. Clicking on cancel shows again connect dialog when trying to open subdir
24.05.05 Added: Increased width of dropdown box in synchronize dirs - wildcards
24.05.05 Fixed: Two folders aaaa and aaaaa. Rename aaaaa to a Russian 4 character name with English language settings -> it was moved to aaaa
24.05.05 Fixed: Could not inplace rename a directory to a Unicode name (e.g. Russian on English Windows) containing spaces
24.05.05 Fixed: If a hotkey like F2 is mapped to cm_renameonly, pressing this hotkey multiple times will select name part/name+ext of the file in alternating way
22.05.05 Fixed: Brief view: made inplace rename window 4 pixels wider to fit in entire name (except if edit box would exceed list window width

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